America First Patriots Unite:

Supporting Businesses That Share Our Values
Join the Movement to Strengthen Our Economy and Promote American Values

Are you tired of companies pushing the woke agenda at the expense of American values? It’s time to take a stand and support businesses that prioritize America First!

Introducing our America First certification program – the ultimate way to ensure we’re supporting companies that align with our values. We meticulously review each member’s business to make sure they’re putting America first, and once certified, they receive a seal to proudly display on their website and marketing materials.

But that’s not all – membership comes with a host of other benefits! Join us in supporting the American economy and ensuring our values are reflected in the businesses we choose to support. Check out the other benefits and become a part of the America First movement today!

Our Mission

Our mission at America First Certified is to uphold the principles of freedom and the Constitution of the United States. We are committed to promoting and preserving the values that make America exceptional, including individual liberties, limited government, and the rule of law. Our community of like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs is dedicated to driving economic growth and success within our country while remaining steadfast in our unwavering support for the fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. Through our actions and advocacy, we strive to safeguard and advance the American dream for present and future generations, ensuring that our nation remains a beacon of freedom and opportunity for all.

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